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Goodbye MIne

"Lost and Profound find the elegance in Naked Emotion"
- Baeble Music
"Critical darlings Lost and Profound are back after a decade, with new album Goodbye Mine and fans will be happy to hear its classic L&P melancholia, strung with some sweet riffing and a decidedly psyche-rock feel"
- Cashbox
"Sure, Lost & Profound bring moody, Canadian melancholia, but their return is an absolute joy. Prepare for profundity."
- New Canadian Music
"There is really almost a shoegaze vibe to parts of this. It’s a trippy bit of psychedelic rock based pop music. This is great stuff."
- Music Street Journal
"The album itself is comes alive with the sophisticated lyrics that mix with the steady and cool melodies, conjoining to create a force of goosebump inducing sounds."
- Mytacism Music

Red Suede Red

"Lost & Profound have reinvented themselves musically with a new album that delivers their vision intact. This album moves from the freedom of sexual discovery "Stripped Naked" to the unrelenting regret of "I’m Sorry" . These songs bookend the story of relationships from inception "Volcano" to deception "Unlike You" to obsession "Tracker" to emotional decline through the final end notes and beyond "Cataclysm" and “Glorious”"
- Montreal Gazette

Memory Thief

"An Exquisitely tasteful tapestry where beautiful melodies are lovingly woven arounds Lisa Boudreau’s angelic vocals."
- Montreal Mirror
"A celebratory take on the low life."
- Montreal Mirror

Love’s Sweet Messenger

"A favorite of the Toronto independent music scene in the '90s, this moody and murky album is enjoyably eerie and haunting. Lisa Boudreau's beautiful yet timid voice soars over most of the mysterious, simplistic arrangements of Delight and Forcefield with its marching band hues. It's the quietness of this album which should lure listeners in, much like Emmylou Harris and her Wrecking Ball offering. Guitarist and partner Terry Tompkins does a solid job of adding just the right chords, enabling the songs to breathe."
- VOX Magazine

Lost and Profound

"Bubbling with mystically baroque concoctions that recall the Left Banke."
- Now Magazine
"Songs that coax the broken soul out from the sidewalk’s cracks and quench the spirit."
- Calgary Herald
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