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Love's Sweet Messenger

Love’s Sweet Messenger (Download)


“A favorite of the Toronto independent music scene in the ’90s, this moody and murky album is enjoyably eerie and haunting. Lisa Boudreau’s beautiful yet timid voice soars over most of the mysterious, simplistic arrangements of Delight and Forcefield with its marching band hues. It’s the quietness of this album which should lure listeners in, much like Emmylou Harris and her Wrecking Ball offering. Guitarist and partner Terry Tompkins does a solid job of adding just the right chords, enabling the songs to breathe.”
– VOX Magazine
  1. Delight
  2. Blending In
  3. Forcefield
  4. Scared of You
  5. Bottomed Out
  6. Uncivilized
  7. Downfall
  8. Asshole
  9. Sleep
  10. Exploding
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